Plant Nappy

Plant Nappy sits under a huge range of plant machinery and hand-held equipment to adsorb oil and prevent it from reaching the ground,
protecting the environment.


Whilst encapsulating any drips or spills of oil, the mat freely allows
passage of water, such as rainfall, thus eliminating costly emptying of contaminated trays after use. The mat can be stood on uneven ground or slight inclines with no loss of performance ensuring your company is always protected.


With the ever-growing popularity of the product, many well established companies are using the Plant Nappy® products systematically on site and deeming it their best practise for spill containment.

The PlantMat® has been designed to offer absorption and total
immobilisation of oils and fuels, particulary in high mobility areas.


PlantMat® offers extended features when used in conjunction with Plant Nappy®.


Utilising Soliditex® Technology
A brand new composite developed from the ground up to replace
existing polymer technologies by using purpose made polymers that not only turn oils and fuels into a solid mass, but effectively offers horizontal and vertical wicking for lightening fast reaction times. Not only does this offer 100% oil/polymer contact but the sophisticated construction prevents uncontrolled swelling of the Mat with no layer separation – keeping everything contained.