Course Code TRAIN004

Course Overview

This is a 4 hour course for up to 4 competent key personnel or your in-company trainers. It will be held at one of your own facilities.


The course is not structured to train individuals in the skills of presentation or to train them to become trainers. Therefore the course should be made available to experienced trainers.


The attendee will acquire the understanding of spill kit types, contents and safe deployment. This will enable the trainer to deliver a competent course to work colleagues at onshore facilities who may be called upon to deal with day to day spills in their workplace.


It will introduce and show safe response methods to enable trainers to confidently and effectively demonstrate simple spill response methodology.


NB This course is not considered adequate training for trainers who are planning to train Company response teams or where significant spill volume or hazard potential exists.

Course Objectives

1. To provide trainers with an adequate level of subject knowledge.


2. To impart confidence to train colleagues to achieve a safe level of spill response.


3. To demonstrate understanding and proper use of all site spill response equipment.

Course Content Summary

• Causes and types of spills.
• Identification and use of spill kit contents
• How to effectively deploy spill kit contents.
• Develop simple workstation spill planning.
• Emphasise responder safety.
• The importance of spill containment.
• Recovery, clean up & disposal of residues.
• Reporting and analysis.


A pass/fail questionnaire will be presented as conclusion. A 70% pass will be required.


Attendees will be expected to actively participate in the course work and will be required to prepare and make a 30min presentation of the topics to their peer group.


Attendees are encouraged to openly participate in the course, learn, enjoy, question and contribute.


Certificates of competence will be issued to those achieving a satisfactory standard.

Certificate validity – 2 years from date of training.